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Gift Aid

We encourage all donors, who are UK tax payers, when bringing items into our shops to take up the opportunity to Gift Aid them. This means that with the donor's permission we are able to use the proceeds from the sale of the donated goods and treat them as Gift Aid donations to St Richard’s Hospice. Currently for every £1 qualifying donation received we can claim repayment from HMRC of 25 pence.

On completing and signing a Gift Aid Declaration form we will issue you with your unique donor ID number. Please quote this number when taking donations to any of our St Richard’s Hospice Shops and this will enable us to track your item so that we can make a claim from HMRC. We will keep you informed of how much your items raise for the Hospice.

Since starting Gift Aid through our shops we now have over 15,000 donors and have been able to claim a staggering amount of nearly £300,000 for St Richard’s Hospice.

Please fill in the Gift Aid Declaration Form Gift Aid Declaration Form