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'Getting there’ by Paul Brockbank, St Richard’s Hospice patient

05 March 2015
At last Wednesday morning has arrived and I am ready and waiting! As my carer completes her paper work and checks that I am warm and dry, 'ready to receive’, my wonderful wife finishes preparing breakfast and telephones a friend. Read More

Call for hospices to relieve pressure on hospitals

19 February 2015
St Richard's Hospice Chief Exec Mark Jackson talks to Ian Craig, Worcester News Health reporter Read More

Get involved, keep in touch

24 October 2014
Over the last 30 years St Richard’s Hospice has touched the lives of many local families, and continues to offer compassionate care and support to those with life-threatening illnesses and their loved ones. Families often express their thanks for the care they and their loved one received, and are keen to stay in touch and support the hospice’s work. Read More

Hospice care is extended to the whole family

15 October 2014
A life threatening illness can be incredibly difficult to cope with, especially for the family. St Richard’s Hospice understands that the emotional impact extends beyond the individual and so also offers care and support to the whole family. Read More

Spiritual support offers strength and reassurance

10 October 2014
It may not surprise you that, as part of its holistic approach to care, St Richard’s Hospice offers patients and their loved ones spiritual care as well as physical, emotional and social support. But you may be surprised to find out how integrated the hospice’s chaplaincy service is with pastoral care within the community and that we offer spiritual care to people of all faiths and worldviews. Read More

'The patient is the focus of all we do'

09 October 2014
As one of the St Richard’s Hospice Nurse Specialist team I have around 30 patients on my caseload at any one time whom I see mainly in their own homes. Read More

Community Volunteers lend a hand

08 October 2014
Volunteers are a vital part of St Richard’s Hospice’s service and help to support patients and their families in every department of the hospice, but offer particular reassurance when patients are at home. Read More

Innovative new way of working with bereaved families

07 October 2014
We have seen a big increase in the number of bereaved adults and children needing support after a loved one dies which has prompted us to introduce an innovative new way of working at St Richard’s Hospice. Read More

A week in the life of the Education Team

06 October 2014
The Education department is passionate about learning and supporting the health and social care workforce in Worcestershire and beyond. We provide high quality, nationally recognised training courses, using a range of flexible approaches to meet each individual’s learning needs, to help individuals develop professionally and meet the standards expected for our health and social care services. Read More

You matter to the last moment of your life

22 September 2014
There is considerable national debate about how patients and their loved ones want care to be provided with compassion, kindness, dignity and respect – no more so than at the end of life. Read More