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A peak behind the scenes

02 July 2014
At St Richard’s Hospice, the high quality of care and compassion we offer patients and families is built on a foundation of activities that take place ‘behind the scenes’. Read More

Creative therapy is outlet for patient expression

05 June 2014
A display of artwork by St Richard’s Hospice patients is currently on display at St Andrew’s Church Parish Centre, Droitwich and also in shops around the town all on the theme of the charity’s snowdrop emblem. This, and a recent display in St John’s, Worcester, are examples of the hospice developing community links which are important for patients. Working with the community often creates a fo... Read More

Garden therapy

05 June 2014
  The lovely gardens and grounds at St Richard’s Hospice offer so much more than just a pleasant view.   Patients in the In-patient Unit, their visitors and patients in Day Hospice as well as staff and volunteers can take time out to reflect, relax, find respite and enjoy the spaces in different ways.   One of our most well-loved features is the Tree of Life garden which is inspired by aspect... Read More

Chairman's blog

03 June 2014
When you get asked “Why do you do that?” or “What does it involve?” I soon realised from my perspective what a great privilege it is to be the Chairman of St Richard’s Hospice. Read More

You Only Die Once: Kate Granger’s story

19 May 2014
You Only Die Once: Kate Granger’s story Doctor and writer Kate Granger was the focus of the second ever Dying Matters Annual Lecture on Monday evening, which marked the beginning of Dying Matters Awareness week, which runs from 12-18 May. Kate, a Specialist Registrar in Geriatric Medicine, has incurable cancer. After five gruelling rounds of chemotherapy following her diagnosis w... Read More

Caring for you at home

16 May 2014
  “You were at the heart of his experience. He trusted you implicitly, looked forward to your visits as from a true friend and not only for your professional skills and judgements but because of you, yourself. You were always such fun and always compassionate and intelligently responsive to what he was expressing to you about his illness. Your care all added up to giving him a security he could n... Read More

Tai Chi in Day Hospice

14 April 2014
Our physio Gill leads Day Hospice patients in some gentle Tai Chi to help them relax and boost their feelings of well being. Just one of the many things we do at St Richard's you may not know!

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Our nursing ethos

08 April 2014
Nursing Ethos : St Richard’s Hospice There is considerable national debate about the public’s perception of nursing and how patients and their loved ones want nursing care to be provided with compassion, kindness, dignity and respect. These values are well established and reflected by the St Richard’s Hospice nursing teams in everything they do …. but how do they go about  transforming  these val... Read More

The growth of St Richard's

08 April 2014
St Richard’s Hospice started with one part time nurse visiting patients in their home, responding to calls for help made to a telephone in home of a GP in Droitwich. How things have grown in 30 years! Then hospice care was not an established area of healthcare; indeed, it was frowned upon my many. Today the dreams of small groups of visionary pioneers, such as our founders, across the country have... Read More

Nora and Ken talk about St Richard's Hospice at Home care

24 March 2014
Nora and Ken Peers talk about what it means to them to have St Richard's Hospice at Home care.

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