Care in the home

St Richard’s Nurse Specialists
After receiving a referral and speaking to the patient’s own GP, the Nurse Specialist will visit the patient at home. There, they spend time listening and identifying problems and anxieties.

Our nurses can make a very positive difference with their knowledge of symptom relief, helping patients to make choices, identifying other supporting services and linking in with the other members of the hospice team, such as a social worker, physiotherapist, doctor and spiritual leader. Our nurses are trained to restore confidence and control back into the lives of patients and families affected by illness and treatments. Please note our Nurse Specialists are not 'Macmillan Nurses' as we do not receive any funding from Macmillan Cancer Support. However the job they do is identical. St Richard's is grateful for all donations to support their services.

 Doctors work with the nurses advising on pain and symptom management. They can, with the agreement of the patient’s own GP, visit at home to advise on the most complex situations. Our doctors work closely with local consultants in palliative medicine and consultant oncologists for the county. If appropriate, patients may be admitted to the In-patient Unit for further specialist care for a short period of time, or if appropriate, could be seen by one of our doctors as an Out-Patient.

Hospice at home

This helps patients who wish to stay at home in the end stage of their illness and also to support patients and carers with occasional care. Senior Health Care Assistants provide care for the patient overnight, allowing the carer to have a full nights rest.

Referral is through the District Nursing Service and St Richard’s Nurse Specialists who make an assessment and plan the care. The Hospice at Home Health Care Assistants work in partnership with the District Nurses.

The aims of the service:

To enable patients to stay at home with specialist nursing care in the end stage of their illness - if that is their wish.
To provide Senior Health Care Assistants to facilitate the work of the District Nurses and the Primary Health Care Team.

To support the patient, family and carers in order to prevent possible admission to hospital for nursing care.

How does it work?

The District Nurse or St Richard’s Nurse Specialist will talk to the patient to discover what service is required and may refer the patient to the Hospice at Home Service. The Hospice at Home team will liaise with the District Nurse Team to plan the nursing care required and allocate the nurse.

How can I be referred?

Patients who would like support from St Richard’s can be referred by their GP, consultant at the hospital, district nurse, relative or friend. They can also refer themselves.

In all cases the GP, who is the key person in charge of that patient’s care, will be contacted. We will then phone to arrange a convenient date and time to visit so that we can discuss and plan the support that we can offer and the care that may be needed. At all stages we will work in partnership with the community teams and acute hospital services involved in the patient’s care.

If you would like more information about referral please contact our Triage Nurse on 01905 763963 or email

Healthcare professionals please go to our Information for Referrers page for more information and referral form.  

If you would like further information on any healthcare services, the following may be of help.

For general enquiries relating to health services:

Contact your GP, District Nurse or another member of the Primary Care Team
Telephone NHS Direct on 0845 4647
If you are receiving hospital treatment, contact your Hospital Doctor or Clinical Nurse Specialist

St Richard's Hospice Community Volunteers

We understand it can become distressing for patients to see practical tasks at home not being done or simply needing a visit or a chat. Our Community Volunteers can help. They provide a volunteer supportive non-nursing service to enhance the quality of life for the patient, family and carers with practical help, shopping, listening ear or just a chat.
For more information please talk to your St Richard's Hospice health care professional.

Hospice at Home leaflet

You may also find the following web sites useful:

We are grateful for all donations which are needed to support the on-going care of our patients and their families. St Richard’s is an independent hospice and relies on donations and fundraising to pay for the majority of care.


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