Gold Standards Framework

St. Richard’s is now a GSF Regional Training Centre for the GSF Care Home programme.

gold-standards-frameworkThe GSF for Care Homes Training Programme is structured yet flexible and designed to help each home to move at the right pace for them. It can only be implemented by homes that are formally registered either as part of locally commissioned area or one of our regular open programmes that St. Richard’s are now providing along with a number of other providers across the country.

To get more information please contact us here at St. Richard’s:
To discuss your GSF training requirements in more detail please contact Robert Standfield, Head of Education on 0845 128 1301

To contact the National GSF Centre CIC for any further information or to book a time to discuss possible options in your area.
Tel: 01743 291891 or email

For further information about the GSF Care Home training programme click here.

The Gold Standards Framework website provides a wealth of information about all the GSF programmes and more details can found at: