Our mission, vision and values

The Mission, Vision and Values of St Richard’s Hospice

MISSION: The mission of St Richard’s is, in partnership with other providers, to enhance through specialist palliative and end of life care and education, the quality of life of patients and those important to them, suffering from life-limiting illnesses.

VISION: The vision of St Richard’s is to be a centre of expertise providing excellent individualised care and support to those affected by life-limiting conditions.

VALUES: At St Richard’s we believe that we should aim to maximise the quality of life of adult patients who have a life-limiting illness by:

Creating a safe and caring environment by offering physical, emotional and spiritual support to patients and their families.

  • Enabling patients to gain freedom from distressing symptoms.
  • Relieving patients and families from the stress brought about by active and progressive disease.
  • Enabling and empower communities to support patients with end of life care needs, and their families, locally.
  • Supporting the local community to be well informed about individualised care and support available to them.
  • Enabling people to care for themselves and remain independent for as long as possible.

On behalf of our patients and families we aim to:

  • Work towards quality of life acceptable to them.
  • Enable them to enjoy life to the maximum ability.
  • Encompass all of them in care, ensuring those who die do so with dignity.
  • Help provide care in a place chosen by them, surrounded by people important to them.

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