26th November 2020

Carers Rights Day 2020

When someone becomes unwell, often their loved one finds themselves providing support and practical care.

Today, on Carers Rights Day, we’re highlighting how we can support those looking after a loved one with a serious, progressive illness.

It’s easy for carers to get lost in all the demands made on them. And, it’s not unusual for carers to feel lonely and frustrated – particularly during the pandemic.

Our Family Support Team regularly phones carers to check in with them for a proper chat to find out how they are.

Carers can share worries, and discuss whether they need support from other departments – such as occupational therapy, or Hospice at Home. Often the team can identify potential problems early on, and help to solve them.

A fortnightly drop-in group for carers also runs over video call, giving them a chance to chat to others in a similar situation.

Members of staff from caring teams join these calls to talk about their services, and the call ends with a 10-minute seated yoga session, for those who want to take part.

Caring is such a natural, human response that loved ones often do not see themselves as the ‘carer’ – but simply a husband, wife, friend, or child. We recognise how important carers are, and we’re here to support them.

Find out more on our website: www.strichards.org.uk/our-care/supporting-the-family/caring-for-carers