19th October 2015

Cool gift of ice-cream

Patients at St Richard’s Hospice have received a cool donation – a gift of 100 tubs of ice cream!

A local man, who wishes to remain anonymous, recently won a year’s supply of Jude’s ice cream in a national competition and decided to donate his win to St Richard’s Hospice which had cared for his mother several years ago.

The donor explained, “When I reflect back it’s a comfort to know the service they (the hospice) provides is priceless. The donation of my prize will be a comfort to the in-patients who find ingestion difficult during their final days. Chemotherapy and other medication can have a drying effect within the mouth and I’m sure the ice cream will be well received.”.

Kevin Ratcliffe, head of catering for St Richard’s said, ” This is a lovely gift which I’m sure will be very much appreciated by our patients. We go the extra mile to give our patients tasty and nutritious food which is palatable and easy to eat and for some, ice cream will be a perfect treat.”