21st March 2018

Couple tie-the-knot at hospice

A couple had their wedding at a hospice surrounded by loved ones after the bride was admitted with a brain tumour.

Gala Rowley married her long-term partner Mike Lomax at St Richard’s Hospice, Worcester, on Saturday, 18 March.

At the age of 27, Ms Rowley-Lomax was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour which, after treatment, remained benign and dormant for eight years.

However, the tumour returned and the 36-year-old was recently admitted for hospice care on the In-patient Unit at St Richard’s.

“My experience here has been wonderful, the staff are amazing – they were really helpful with the wedding and a member of the catering team made us a wedding cake,” said Ms Rowley-Lomax.

She continued: “It is a really nice place to be, it makes such a difference. It meant a lot for me to be able to get married from my bed – it made it much easier having friends and family here so I could stay in bed.”

The couple met through mutual friends when they were 25 and live in Worcester. It was Mr Lomax, a mechanic, who suggested they should tie-the-knot at St Richard’s.

“He is loving, caring, generous – but his time keeping is absolutely abysmal!” said Ms Rowley-Lomax.

“Friends and family helped organise a beautiful day – that meant a lot because I wanted to die as Mike’s wife.”

On the day, the bride had her makeup and nails done – while the hospice catering team baked a cake and the room was decked out in flowers and balloons. The hospice chaplain blessed the proceedings.

June Patel, Chief Executive of St Richard’s, said: “We are delighted Gala and Mike were able to get married at St Richard’s.

“It is so important to us to go the extra-mile for our patients, ensuring they are able to live their lives to the fullest.”

Ms Rowley-Lomax – or ‘The Brain Tumour Blogger’ – writes about her illness online, documenting the challenges faced by those living with brain tumours after treatment, while raising awareness of the need to fund future research into potential cures.

To read her blog visit www.thebraintumourblogger.com