23rd November 2017

Dedicated young volunteer nominated for award

A dedicated young volunteer has been nominated for a prestigious award in recognition of her work for St Richard’s Hospice.

Fran Ashley, aged 18, has tirelessly volunteered at the hospice’s Malvern Department Store for nearly two years – and has also helped at various fundraising events.

The former Chase School student was nominated by St Richard’s for a Young Person’s Community award at the Our Malvern Hills Community Awards 2017.

She will find out if she has won the prize at the awards ceremony on Wednesday, 29th November at Malvern Town FC’s Langland Stadium.

“It was a surprise – I didn’t know I had been nominated,” said Miss Ashley, who lives in Malvern.

Fran Ashley 03“Volunteering at the shop has been fun, I do different things – like having talks with people especially when they are paying.

“I think a couple of years ago I was quite shy and I think I have gained more confidence. I like helping people.

“I do a fair amount – I learned how to use the till and I polish the furniture on the shop floor to make them more noticeable to customers. I often carry and move the heavier donations and certain furniture either onto the shop floor or out to customers’ cars, as long as it’s safe for me to do so.”

Maggie Duffield, manager at the hospice’s Malvern department store, nominated Miss Ashley for the award.

She said: “All my volunteers are awesome but Fran actually volunteers for other hospice departments. I nominated her because she volunteers her time so readily to other hospice departments – she is just an all-round good egg.

“She looks out for the younger volunteers and is willing to do whatever is asked of her. We have seen her grow in confidence.

“She is a very good team player. I’m proud of her because she is an ambassador for volunteers. She is an ambassador for St Richard’s.”