28th January 2013

Demand for hospice care to increase

From ehospice

The demand for care at the end of life will increase as our population ages, and the nature of that care will become more complex as more of us live with (and die from) chronic diseases.

“The scale of the challenge ahead is dramatic and will require hospices to significantly increase the extent and scope of end of life services.”

A report on the current and future needs for hospice care is being launched today at a conference for hospice managers and chief executives at the Cicely Saunders Institute, Kings College London.

The report, published by the Help the Hospices Commission into the Future of Hospice Care and Cicely Saunders International, pulls together evidence on:

  • changes to the UK population and mortality trends
  • preferences for place of care and place of death
  • the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of hospice care.

The report also highlights gaps in our current understanding of hospice care and the people who can benefit from this care.

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