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24th September

Paddle, Plod and Pedal

A group of people in sports wear and white St Richard's branded t-shirts stand together wearing Paddle, Plod and Pedal medals.
A group of people stand together with their bicycles. They have taken part in the hospice's Paddle, Plod and Pedal challenge.


Paddle, Plod & Pedal
Saturday, 24 September 2022

This multi-discipline challenge returns for another year!

This circular, 35 mile route through the beautiful Worcestershire countryside was the brain child of a team from Natwest RBS who trialled it as a team building day. St Richard’s Hospice opened up the challenge to their supporters and over the years it has proven to be a huge success!

Challengers will:

  • Paddle from Pershore to Tewkesbury
  • Plod from Tewkesbury to Severn Stoke
  • Pedal back to Pershore

With a total route of approximately 35 miles, this is no easy feat. This is an all-day challenge, but not a race.

Teams of six to 10 people will set off in the bell boats from 7am. Each element of the challenge is between 10 and 12 miles, which will be completed as a team at their own pace.

Challengers will then be welcomed back in Pershore at the end of the challenge for well deserved refreshments and a medal to celebrate their success.


There is no entry fee for this challenge, however we would like you to pledge to raise £1,500-£2,250 or more per team towards our hospice care.

Please read the below useful documents. All participants will need to fill out the Booking Form and Waiver to take part in this event.


For more information, fill out the below form and one of our fundraisers will be in touch!

Register Your Interest

  • This form will record your name, email address and any other details you have entered so that we may contact you directly to respond to your enquiry. This data will be deleted from our website after 45 days.

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Pedal, Plod and Pedal FAQs


  • What is included?
  • We will provide the boats, paddle training sessions, lifejackets, hospice t-shirts for each team member, sweets and snack sized treats along the route, celebratory pig-roast and medal at the finish.

    A cash-bar is also available.

  • What must I provide?
  • Lunch, snacks, a water bottle (which can be refilled throughout the day), a roadworthy bike and helmet and suitable footwear for walking 10 miles on rough terrain.

  • What time does it start?
  • Depending on how many teams are taking part, the first boat will set off between 7-7.30am followed by a staggered start at short intervals.

  • How do I get my bike to the start of the cycle element of the route?
  • Challengers are asked to drop their bikes off at Severn Stoke Village Hall (WR8 9JP) the day before the event and between 4-6pm.

    Here they will be stored securely inside overnight ready for the ride the following day.

  • Will there be a support vehicle so we can take change of clothes, etc.
  • At the start of the challenge, each participant can put one bag containing a change of clothes, lunch, snacks, etc., into the support vehicle which will meet teams at each scheduled stop.

    Helmets and cycle safety equipment can be left with the bikes.

  • How do I raise the money?
  • Most challengers for St Richard’s ask friends, family and colleagues to sponsor them for the event.

    Setting up an online Just Giving page makes this process easier and we can also supply paper sponsorship forms. Some people decide to organise other activities to raise funds.

    The experienced fundraising team at St Richard’s will advise you and support you wherever possible to make your chosen fundraising method possible.

  • How fit do I need to be?
  • The event is well attended with people of mixed abilities and fitness levels.

    That said it is a fair old challenge and so we do advise you do some physical activity in preparation for the day.

    It is often underestimated just how far the walk is, so some lengthy practice sessions are recommended.

  • I’m unsure about the boat element, is there any opportunity to practice?
  • We will be putting on a number of practice sessions in readiness for the event to allow challengers opportunity to get used to paddling the boats.

    Details of these will be issued once your team has registered.

  • What have previous year’s challengers thought about the event?
  • “The PPP was fantastic! One of the hardest but most rewarding things I have done. So great to be with a team of friends and encourage one another on when we hit tough points. I made deep friendships and we still talk about it all now. Will defo do it again!”
    The Rev David Southall, Worcestershire Royal Hospital
    Team “Sky Warriors”

    “Testing, hard work and tiring but an awesome day exploring the river and countryside and enjoying time with friends. We have done the PPP for two years running and we’re currently putting a team together for next year!”
    Sara Wild, Evesham
    Team “WTF! .. Where’s The Finish?!” – Challengers for 5 years running & 2018 Champions!

    “The PPP is the best event I have ever been involved in. I loved the team spirit that developed between us prior to and during the big day. I would recommend this event to anyone and everyone that is thinking of getting involved in supporting such an amazing charity as St Richards.”
    Darren Ward
    Team “pppgirlsplusbloke”

    “Wow, what a day!! A beautiful and stunning early morning start rowing down the Severn followed by a cross country plod across the beautiful Worcestershire countryside! A stunning team finish cycling in the rain. Elation, pride, taking part in a fantastic cause, blisters, wet undies all part of the fun! Loved every minute of it!!!
    Irene Surridge
    Team BMF (2012) & Surr-Fit Soldiers (2018 & 2019)

    “A very well organised event with plenty of support and refreshments during the day and the bacon butty stop was especially appreciated! The day is hard work but very enjoyable and we had a great sense of personal achievement having completed the course and at the same time raising funds for a great charity”.
    Richard Connolly
    Solicitor – Partner mfg Solicitors LLP

    “Paddle Plod & Pedal is a fantastic event to share with friends or colleagues. The well prepared route is an exciting way to see parts of Worcestershire you’ve probably never seen before. The three disciplines are challenging but not impossible for all abilities and fitness levels. I really enjoyed the atmosphere of the day, and would definitely take part again.”
    Andrea Borwell-Fox
    Director – Borwell

    “We entered Paddle Plod Peddle with a group of friends. We really had to work together, especially in the paddle section, in order to get anywhere! The day was so well organised which made it even more enjoyable. At every stop point there was a happy team who encouraged us and carried our gear from one point to another meaning there was always a dry change of clothes. I can highly recommend this event, it was a lot of fun and whilst you will need a reasonable level of fitness, you don’t need to be super-fit.”
    Colette Hardiman
    Part of “Team Sutton”

Terms & Conditions

  • Waiver
  • St Richard’s Hospice is the organiser

    Event Rules / Conditions of Entry:

    • The paddle route is led by the qualified instructor and all instructions must be followed. A life jacket must be worn at all times for the paddle route.
    • No stunts or hazardous actions should be attempted.
    • No alcohol or drugs to be consumed prior to or during the event
    • If there is a marshal, St Richard’s Hospice staff member or bell boat leader giving instruction, pay close attention and obey the instruction for your safety and that of others.
    • If another participant is in need of assistance you will alert a marshal or St Richard’s Hospice member of staff.

    I understand that:

    • This is a team event, not a race and that I will be walking/bike ride on multi terrain paths, public rights of way, roads and open countryside.
    • The PPP event can be physically and mentally challenging, and includes various hilly terrains.
    • I understand I must be physically and mentally prepared to undertake the event and consult a doctor prior to taking part if pregnant, or have any injury, medical condition or disability.
    • I need to train and attend at least one paddle practice sessions prior to the event.
    • I need to bring appropriate clothing and footwear.
    • Participation in the PPP challenge is entirely at my own risk.
    • I must wear appropriate safety wear e.g., life jacket for paddle, helmet for bike ride.
    • Organisers and instructors have the right to refuse participation at any stage during the challenge.
    • Routes may change due to weather conditions or be cancelled or postponed in extreme weather conditions.
    • This event takes part in a natural environment, as such in some areas the ground can be uneven or slippery and insects may be present.
    • The event organisers are not responsible for any personal possessions I bring or use at the event.
    • St Richard’s Hospice staff and instructors have taken all reasonable precautions to ensure my safety on the challenge but accept no further liability.
    • This is a fundraising event and I pledge to raise as much money as possible.
    • I must look at the kit list, wear appropriate clothing and bring all appropriate snacks and equipment.

    I confirm that :

    • I am 18 years of age or above (or have permission from parent/guardian) and have no known health problems which would prevent me from taking part in the PPP Challenge.
    • I am fully aware of the risks to myself with participation in the PPP challenge. These risks include damage to or loss of property, personal injury and extreme cases, death.
    • If you or another participant is in need of medical attention, you will alert a St Richards Hospice staff member, marshal or volunteer.
    • I will comply with all instructions given by the event organisers (St Richard’s Hospice), and instructors and use any equipment as directed so as not to hurt or injure others.
    • I am fit and healthy and do not suffer from any medical condition which would adversely affect my/our ability to safely participate in the PPP Challenge.


    • I hereby acknowledge and accept that the organiser, leaders, volunteers and its staff shall not be liable to me for any unforeseeable loss or damage arising from my participation in the PPP Challenge, including indirect or consequential loss or damage.
    • This disclaimer does not exclude the event organiser’s (St Richard’s Hospice) liability where an injury or death arises as a consequence of the organisers negligence or that of its staff or fraudulent misrepresentation or any other matter for which it would be illegal or unlawful for the organiser to exclude attempt to exclude its liability.


    • I have read and fully understand the terms of this disclaimer. By participating in this event I agree to being photographed or videoed and that any images captured will be the property of St Richard’s Hospice and be used in press releases, promotional materials or in all manners of media including social media.
    • If any court or competent authority finds that any provision of this document (or part of any provision) is invalid, illegal or up enforceable, that provision or part provision shall, to the extent required, be deemed to be deleted, and the validity and enforceability of the other provisions of this agreement shall not be affected.

The PPP was fantastic! One of the hardest but most rewarding things I have done. So great to be with a team of friends and encourage one another on when we hit tough points. I made deep friendships and we still talk about it all now. Will definitely do it again!


24th September

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