30th November 2021

“Experience of volunteering so rewarding”

Patrick Kennedy, shares his recent experiences of volunteering for St Richard’s as part of his Duke of Edinburgh’s Award

I think the best part of my time at St Richard’s has been the people. They really do make the whole experience of volunteering so rewarding and enjoyable. All the people I got the pleasure to help out were so kind and welcoming and I think that this is really special.

I volunteered in the Fundraising Department and it was great. The jobs every week can be letter opening, relabelling collection tins or counting donations; things that may seem pretty mundane. But trust me they aren’t that bad really and the time just flies by. However, there is a bonus when it comes to an area like fundraising. Not only are the people so friendly but you get the chance to help in their big events such as the elephant-themed Worcester’s Big Parade which they held this year. These events are so fun and a nice change of scenery every so often, and they are definitely worth volunteering at or attending; even if you do have to give up half a Saturday.

I would also like to point out that you don’t just have to help in the office. I have a friend who is also doing the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award (DofE) and works at a St Richard’s shop every Sunday. So there will definitely be somewhere that suits you and that you can help in across the St Richard’s organisation.

So if you’re starting your DofE and are unsure on what to do for your volunteering or are someone looking to do some good in the community then I highly recommend that you contact St Richard’s to see if they want any help – chances are they probably will. Also, top tip: sweet treats like homemade cakes and biscuits are definitely appreciated by staff (they deserve them too) but are not required so don’t worry if you’re hopeless in the kitchen!

I had an amazing time volunteering and will continue to do so and I hope this has inspired someone into volunteering too.


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