9th April 2018

‘Honoured to chat with such an incredible supportive group’

Mel Nicholls – GB Para Cyclist. Endurance Wheelchair Racer. Adventurer wrote on her Facebook page about her visit to meet the Men’s Space patient group:

Yesterday morning I was very lucky to spend time with the most uplifting and positive group of gentlemen I can say I have ever met.

To see a (not so old) friend again made my year and to sit with these wonderful guys, talking about my journey from stroke to beginning my sporting path whilst working at a school with a very special teacher, to dreams and ambitions, and sharing our passions for living in the moment, appreciating the important things, the sunshine, blue sky, birdsong, the great outdoors, and each other.

I was honoured to be invited to chat with such an incredible supportive group; they are friends, full of banter and laughter and they support each other through the good and the bad.
I was deeply moved by such an inspirational place and people. They have given me an extra spark, and I will be taking them all through my racing as my in-mind support team.

St Richard’s Hospice is such a special place, I feel very lucky to have been able to share this unique space of good, and of unconditional support and human spirit in care through life-limiting illnesses. A real special visit for me that has been so powerful in the greatest of ways.

What I felt in that room yesterday from everyone was about life. Living for the moment, finding something in every day to smile for and to be happy for.

THAT is a lesson for every single one of us.
Do what makes you happy. Find your smile. Be kind to each other.
Live life. Live for now.