16th September 2016

Hospice care is..’a breath of fresh air’

dark-pink-hospice-care-week-2016-stamp-for-use-online-2jacky smith in t shirt on IPU on twitterWhat does hospice care mean to me?

Jacky Smith is 49 and living with MND. 

Hospice care means the world to me and I know it means the world to my friends at St Richard’s too.

We have been working on a project of seven word stories. It’s been fun and three of the men in the group want to make it into a book and spread the word on hospice care. I’m having an owl event at home, inviting my friends to interact with the birds and have cake to raise funds to say thank you for my time in the In-patient Unit and my time in Day Hospice. I hope it’s a good day.  I just want to say thank you and to help others.  I’ve read a twitter trend to give your first plastic fiver to charity, I know where mine is going when I get one.

So to me it means giving something back but thank you to all our fundraisers and supporters of the hospice as you have no idea the breath of fresh air hospice provides. It is socialisation with others in just as difficult positions, it’s distraction by being creative. I have witnessed great talent in art. One is doing a fantastic picture for me of my beloved cat, Ellie. Read more of Jacky’s blogs

Jacky Smith with cat Ellie