31st August 2016

Hospice Care Week – Listening Into Action

lia-hospice-care-isHospice Care Week is an annual week of activity to raise the profile of hospice care across the UK. Each year we hold a week of celebration and action, which helps to change people’s perceptions of hospice care.

Peter Anderson writes his how St Richard’s welcomes feedback on its care:

  • peter-andersonI have been involved with St Richard’s since July 2004 when my wife was taken ill with a brain tumour.

    During her illness, my wife, my daughters and I received care, support and counselling over five years. The level of every service offered was, and still is, exceptional and of a standard that you might imagine could not be improved.

    This, however, is not good enough for St Richard’s who continually strive to improve both the quality & range of services they offer in an endeavour to make the journey patients, their families and carers have to take as good physically and emotionally as it possibly can be with total compassion and understanding.

    The Listening into Action Group (LIA) is one of the many ways St Richard’s uses to get feedback on how they might still improve on what is already close to perfection.

    The group, led by June Patel, Care Director, is drawn from a cross section of patients, volunteers, carers and various members of the hospice team at all levels, including Chief Executive Mark Jackson. They are,  by their very personal involvement with St Richard’s,  in the best position to offer, advice, feedback and suggestions.

    It is sad to say that a number of members who have contributed to the group over the life of the LIA are no longer with us but their contribution was both welcome and acted upon and they gained immense satisfaction in helping to shape the service and experience for those who would follow them.

    The purpose of the group is to provide honest feedback on any issue, circumstance, approach that they feel might be improved.

    In addition all departments seek the views and input of the LIA group on their ideas for change, improvement, communication etc. before implementation.

    The strength of the group is in its diverse nature both in terms of the individuals’ link with St Richard’s as well as their varied backgrounds and life experiences. All are driven by a wish to ‘give something back’ for the care and support each has received through this magnificent organisation.

    In summary the Listening into Action group, made up of recipients, volunteers and staff is helping to shape the St Richard’s of tomorrow to ‘beyond excellent’.


    Peter Anderson, LIA member.