20th November 2015

Hospice goes green with solar panels

St Richard’s Hospice is showing its green credentials this month as it installs an array of solar panels on the roof of its headquarters in Worcester.

Visitors to St Richard’s this month will notice contractors scrambling over the hospice’s rooftops as they install an array of solar panels which will provide up to 230Kw of electricity.

The hospice is taking advantage of a government scheme to install the renewable energy technology which will see the charity reduce its environmental impact and save money. The solar panels, which will only be visible from the rear of the building, will provide the hospice with eco-friendly electricity, with any surplus energy generated returned to the national grid in exchange for Feed In Tariff payments.

From next year, St Richard’s Hospice expects to benefit significantly from the scheme to the tune of approximately £40,000 per year. The hospice is an independent charity and relies on voluntary donations to care for over 2,600 patients and their loved ones each year with compassion, kindness, dignity and respect.

Mark Jackson, Chief Executive at St Richard’s Hospice, said; “We have been thinking for some time about investing in solar panels and are delighted that we will soon be benefitting from cheaper energy bills. It is important to us and our supporters that we spend our money as wisely as possible and these cost savings will mean that more of our income will be available to directly support patient care. Our hospice will soon be more environmentally friendly and as peaceful and cosy as it has always been.”