9th January 2015

Hospice Support on the High Street

St Richard’s Hospice has launched a pilot drop-in support session in Worcester which aims to make it easier for people to find out more about hospice care and the support that is available to those with cancer and other life-threatening illnesses.

The information sessions are open to anyone living with, or caring for someone with a life-threatening illness, and will take place on alternate Fridays at the hospice’s St Swithin’s Street premises.

Often people believe that patients only go to a hospice to spend their final days but, in fact, St Richard’s Hospice cares for the majority of its patients in their own homes or local community, and supports their loved ones.

June Patel, Care Director at St Richard’s Hospice, said; “We are keen that as many people as possible understand how St Richard’s can help those with life-threatening illnesses, and how they can access our services when they are in need. We aim to make it as convenient as possible for patients to benefit from hospice services within their own community, in a way that works best for each individual and their families.”

The sessions will offer informal advice in a confidential setting to any local residents with a life-threatening illness, or to anyone caring for a loved one. Members of the hospice’s specialist team will be available on alternate Fridays from 1.30-3pm to answer any questions relating to hospice or end of life care, and explain how St Richard’s may be able to offer support. The first session in 2015 will be held on Friday 16th January.

St Richard’s Community Nursing Services Manager, Vanessa Gibson, explained the role of the Nurse Specialists; “St Richard’s nurses have specialist knowledge and experience in caring for patients at the end of their lives. Our Nurse Specialists are keyworkers, liaising closely with the Community Palliative Care Consultant and the patient’s GP as well as linking with the wider St Richard’s team including social worker, family support workers and chaplaincy. Their aim is to ensure that patients remain as well as possible for as long as possible and to spend their last weeks and days at home, if this is their choice.”

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Photo: Vanessa Gibson, Community Nursing Services Manager offers information and advice