15th September 2015

Jazz and paint mix so well by Paul Brockbank, Day Hospice patient

I was faced with a blank canvas along with a lovely gold frame, both were kindly given to the hospice by one of our generous donors. I had no preconceived plan, I just painted it black and then waited for inspiration.

The following week I enjoyed a performance of jazz on the tenor saxophone by a volunteer in the hospice, and that got me focused. Mary, Creative Therapist and hoarder of all things arty, helped me with equipment and ideas, and I was soon off and painting. I used to play the tenor sax when I was more able, and still really enjoy mellow jazz. The painting I produced is an interpretation of what goes through my mind when I close my eyes and listen to jazz. There is darkness and light, splashes of vibrant colour and notes that jog the memory to fonder times.

Paul Brockbank day hospice patient blogBecause of the fundraisers, donors, staff and volunteers I have learned to express my creativity in artwork. I have sold some paintings for funds for the hospice as a meagre thank you for everything that they do. They all make a great deal of difference to my life and my dear wife.
Perhaps someone will want to buy this framed painting for funds towards St Richard’s Hospice? I do hope so. Maybe we should have an auction of some of the wonderful work we are inspired and assisted to produce? Watch this space.
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