For Living Well Courses

Coronavirus update:  Most Living Well courses are still running via group video conferencing. 

Our free Living Well courses and are designed for people with a serious progressive illness to help them to learn new skills, strategies and techniques through education, exercise, therapies, creativity, relaxation, and group support.

The courses are open to people living with a serious progressive illness such as cancer, heart failure, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), chronic kidney disease, Parkinson’s disease and motor neurone disease and who are registered with a south Worcestershire GP. With many courses participants will be encouraged to practice techniques to learn how to manage symptoms at home; to help gain the maximum benefit from the course and develop confidence to continue practicing once the course has come to an end.

As the Living Well programme is individually tailored to specific needs and goals, it begins with a short assessment, which lasts up to an hour. At the end of the assessment the individual may be offered a bespoke programme (which may be one or more of the courses below) or signposted to an alternative service. During the Living Well programme individuals will be offered a re-assessment at key points. Once they have come to the end of their programme they may wish to look at community-based projects and activities to continue to practice skills and benefits from the courses attended.

The Living Well courses are co-ordinated and run by a wide range of hospice staff with support from trained volunteers.

You will need to have your own transport for the Living Well sessions. We do have a free car park and are easily reached by a regular bus service. Please note we are unable to administer medications at Living Well.

Referral: A health care professional can refer individuals to the Living Well Centre by contacting our referral gateway team on 01905 763963 or the individual can call the team themselves if they have any questions.

Coping with Illness

6 – 8 Week Course

This is an informative and supportive group to help people manage and live well with a serious, progressive illness. It will be an opportunity to share and learn from others who are going through similar challenges and provide practical and emotional coping strategies. The programme includes: dealing with stress, worry and uncertainty; communicating with others; tips for managing breathlessness and fatigue; coping with pain; the emotional journey and adjusting to the new me. The content is flexible and other topics chosen by the group can be included.


6 Week Course

This course aims to help individuals learn why and how we need to relax. Relaxation is helpful if you are experiencing anxiety, sleep disturbance, pain, nausea, breathlessness or fatigue and enhances your general well-being. We will teach and encourage people to practice a range of techniques with the intention that one or more will become meaningful to them and be used in their everyday living.

Fatigue Management

4 Week Course

These sessions are useful for people struggling with fatigue. They are designed to help them cope with the symptoms of extreme physical or mental tiredness.

Watch the video to hear Tony talk about the positive impact of the course

Adapted Tai Chi

6 Week Course

Tai Chi consists of exercises, which combine deep breathing and relaxation with slow and gentle movements. The exercises are recognised as being good for stress, breathing, balance, blood pressure and general health. Classes are suitable for all conditions and can be adapted to meet individual needs. Two classes are available with one all-seated class and a second which involves some standing activity. Watch the short video to find out more about the benefits of the course

Managing your breathlessness

6 Week Course

This course gives an opportunity to meet others in a similar situation, find out strategies to help, discuss how being breathless affects people and receive support and advice for coping.  The course covers understanding of how breathing works and skills to bring episodes of breathlessness under control. A carer may attend with a patient if considered helpful.

Men's Space

6 Week Course

The Men’s Space group provides the opportunity for males to meet others in a similar situation. The ethos of the group is of care, support and a sense of fun, humour and enjoyment. The group meets weekly for 6 sessions and enjoys activities such as talks from a range of guest speakers, visits to local places of interest and some relaxing social time.

Arts and Crafts

4 – 6 Week Courses

A variety of painting and craft courses. Take time out, relax, be creative and learn new skills. The timetable is variable and covers: exploring different painting techniques and a variety of arts and crafts; courses on card making, jewellery making, felting techniques as well as the occasional flower arranging classes

The Tree of Life

3 sessions

The Tree of Life is based on narrative therapy that focuses on culture, heritage, spirituality, strengths and hope. It originated in Zimbabwe to help traumatised communities. It is now being used in many services and communities across the world with people who are living with many different experiences and facing different challenges. The tree is used as a metaphor for life and by the end of the group each person will have a tree that represents different positive elements of life that can be taken home.

This is a three week group with the same people each week so you will have the chance to get to know others. We will meet from 10.30-12.30 each Friday and we will provide all the supplies you need. There is no minimum requirement for drawing or creativity – it does not matter how good you are at drawing as templates are provided.

The group offers the chance to:make connections with others living with a health condition; identify and build on your strengths, interests and personal qualities that make you who you are; find different ways to live with a long term health condition; ·have a chance to see yourself through other people’s eyes; explore and share your hopes and dreams with others; gain a different perspective on yourself and others; and reconnect with what is important to you through the medium of art, creativity and fun!

Horticultural Therapy

6 Week Course

This course will aim to demonstrate how to continue an interest in horticulture and gardening with changed abilities or to discover a new skill which is both pleasurable and peaceful.

It is an opportunity to continue with the feeling of connection to nature and the environment; to meet like-minded people with a similar interest and share experiences and knowledge.

Horticulture and gardening have many known therapeutic, exercise and well being benefits. They can support the body to be active and help with stress management.

Come along and participate in a fun, simple and enjoyable activity. There will be mostly table top gardening and similar activities, planting seeds and nurturing growth.

Sharing stories

5 Week Course

Therapeutic, creative and fulfilling – share stories based on memories, images and personal experiences to help express feelings, thoughts and emotions. Build a personal history of your life experiences to take away with you.