The Mayflower Themed Resources and Activities

To help keep you inspired and engaged during these challenging times, our Living Well Centre team is bringing you themed activities and resources every fortnight.

The theme for the fourth fortnight is the Mayflower. The Mayflower transported the first English Puritans, now known as the Pilgrims, from Plymouth to the New World in 1620.

The Mayflower in Plymouth Harbour, by William Halsall

This theme has historical links to the area and also celebrates the 400th anniversary of the Mayflower’s voyage. You will see there are links to the sea and fish, alongside resources relating to the famous boat and voyage. We hope you enjoy our trip to the sea.

We would love to hear from you with information you can add to the theme, or images of creative projects you’ve been working on. Contact Alison Mesley, Art Therapist.

Worcestershire’s link to the Mayflower

Worcestershire has a famous link to the story of the Mayflower, through the Pilgrim Father Edward Winslow.

Edward was born in Droitwich on 18th October 1595 and attended King’s School at Worcester Cathedral. The Winslow family originated from Kempsey.

Find out about Edward’s involvement in the Mayflower by following this link.

Worcester City Art Gallery and Museum is holding an online exhibition to commemorate the 400th Anniversary of the Mayflower’s journey. Visit the gallery’s website to view the exhibition.

Creative Projects

Here are some ideas for crafts with a Mayflower theme. You may have other ideas. We would love to see your creative work.

Create a ‘wave of Zentangles’

Zentangle is an easy and relaxing way to make beautiful images by drawing patterns – or tangles – using dots, lines and curves.

This style of drawing can be a mindful practice, as you focus on the flow of the patterns you create, rather than planning the direction of your work. Find out more about Zentangle.

To create a Zentangle wave, follow these simple instructions:

  1. Draw a wavy line half way down the page across an A4 sheet of paper
  2. Draw three more wavy lines beneath the first line – as near to each other as you choose
  3. Above the first wavy line draw spirals across the page to represent waves on top of the sea
  4. Set your imagination free as you fill in the spaces between the wavy lines and around the spirals to create your own individual piece of zentangle artwork

Watch a guide to Zentangle on YouTube.

The Mayflower quiz

Do you know which English town was the Mayflower’s home port, or how many women were on board the ship? Test your knowledge with our Mayflower quiz!

Mayflower Mindfulness

During the journey on the Mayflower many people would have kept a diary or journal to help pass the time on their long journey.

What sort of things would they have written? It would be an opportunity to be creative. Take a look at some ideas to help you be creative.

Books, films, poetry and music with an Mayflower theme

Take a look at our list of books and films on the theme of The Mayflower. Have you read, or seen, any of the titles on our list?

The Mayflower, by Linda A. Copp

“The Mayflower,” a sturdy, little, merchant ship

Set sail in 1620 on a great, big trip.

Leaving Plymouth England on the sixteenth day,

In the middle of September, it just sailed away!

Swish, swash across the Atlantic Ocean,

Bobbing, rocking, rolling to its frantic motions

Skimming, splashing, sailing on through the waves,

On and on she floated, a journey over many days!

Filled to the brim with Pilgrims, now on their way,

To start a new life, a half a world away

And so… Splish, splash, across the Atlantic Ocean,

Tossing, heaving, swirling and in constant motion

Battered upon but pushing on its cresting waves,

The Mayflower’s voyage lasted 66 days!

Hints and tips for relaxation

Definition of relaxation: “a state of consciousness characterised by feelings of peace and release from tension, anxiety or fear”.

Our aim is for you to gain an understanding of various styles of relaxation and hopefully you will find one style that you can relate to and use in everyday living. Regular practice can help reduce daily stress and anxiety, improve your sleep, boost your energy and mood, and improve your overall health and wellbeing.

Read our article on hints and tips for relaxation.

Try a tasty recipe

Take a look at a recipe for flavoursome, aromatic sea bass en papillote. Why not have a go at making it yourself?


Click this link to watch a Parkinson’s UK video on ‘Seated Pilates for Posture’.

Follow this link to watch a Parkinson’s UK video on ‘Balance Exercises’.

Read this flyer from the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy about preventing falls, and how to get up again if you take a tumble.

Salt and the town of Droitwich

When we think of sea water, we think of salt.

However, did you know Droitwich’s famous salt comes from pure brine springs which have existed below the town for millions of years?

The Saltworkers of Droitwich is a piece of public art, commissioned by the town to celebrate its association with the salt industry.

Sculptor John McKenna created the piece, using Droitwich people whose distant relatives had links to the salt works as models.

The sculpture depicts a family of salt workers, who would sometimes stay day and night at their brine boiling tank producing salt.

The male figure stands bare-chested over a trough of boiling brine, with a salt rake. The female figure is turning up a salt tub to tip out a lump of salt. Meanwhile, the boy is wielding a ‘tapper’ bat to square the salt lumps. A salt barge is alongside him, waiting to be loaded and to transport the salt down the Droitwich canal.

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