19th May 2021

10:30 am

Art club

FAB and FUN. No previous knowledge or experience needed.

Each week we will look at a different artist or style and there will be a short, simple activity based on related techniques. This week we will focus on Bridget Riley and MC Escher – we will be looking at patterns and tessellation in artwork. Black pens to create patterns would be useful. If you have squared paper this may also be useful.

This group meets online using Zoom.

The aim is to enjoy meditative art activities and explore simple techniques related to an art theme rather than enhancing or developing advanced art skills.  There may be opportunities to stimulate ideas for further artwork to be carried out after the session according to individual needs.

Most sessions will relate in some way to activities on our  Living Well resource pages which may offer the opportunity for individuals to display work created after the session in the resource page galleries, should they wish to.

Be inspired with our May Drawing a Day Challenge

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19th May 2021 - 10:30 am


Free event