13th February 2021

Making mealtimes special in a pandemic

Who doesn’t love a fish-finger sandwich!  Whatever a patient’s favourite meal, our catering team do their best to make it happen. Despite the challenges around Covid, making mealtimes special is still an important part of the day while we care for people in our In-patient Unit.
The meals patients ask for are often simple requests – there’s lots of love for the prawn sandwiches!  Patients can discuss what they would like with the Hospitality Co-ordinator and Healthcare Assistants, and although there is a menu, the catering team do their very best to produce any requests made. Orders are taken back to the kitchen, prepared by the catering team and then each hand-plated course is delivered to the patient.
Before the pandemic, we were fortunate to have a wonderful team of hospitality volunteers but they are not currently working to keep everyone as safe as possible. Hospitality Co-ordinator Tracey and the Healthcare Assistants have to ensure they take all the infection prevention control measures, including wearing Personal Protective Equipment, each time they deliver a meal – and stay ever cheerful. 
Hospitality Co-ordinator Tracey is pictured here with Dr Louisa discussing menu options for patients.