1st September 2020

Meet our ‘convicts’ for Jail and Bail 2020

We are looking forward to our second Jail and Bail fundraising challenge on Saturday, 26th September.

Managers from across the county have been nominated by their long-suffering colleagues for various (entirely fictitious) workplace crimes and will soon be locked up as punishment.

At 10am Saturday 26th September, Philip Serrell, John Bawden, Bill Cave, Chris Goodall and John Goodall will all be locked up in their spare rooms, potting sheds and even a shepherd’s hut tasked with fundraising for their freedom.

It’s not quite the cells we had planned for them but, in these socially distant times, their families assure us they’re going nowhere on Saturday until they’ve raised their bail money!

Look out for our posts this weekend and please give generously if you can.  Every penny raised will help us be there for patients and their families when they’re most in need.

We must also thank our sixth ‘criminal’, Nick Baxter, who has already completed his jail time for St Richard’s and raised an incredible £960 to gain freedom!

It is hoped that each ‘criminal’ will pledge to raise £500 or more.  All the money raised in bail will support St Richard’s as we continue to care for patients and their loved ones across Worcestershire.

Find out who’s taking part – and which horrific misdemeanors they will be punished for below: 


Convict One

Name: Philip Serrell, Philip Serrell Auctioneers

Crime: Wearing a scarf come rain or shine.



Convict Two

Name: Chris Goodall , Redditch Vehicle Hire

Crime: Listening far too much country and western music and watching far too much rubbish TV, especially during Lockdown

Help Chris raise his bail money with an online donation: www.justgiving.com/fundraising/chrisgoodallrvh


Convict Three

Name: John Goodall – the Notorious JG, sometimes referred to as ‘Oy You’, Redditch Vehicle Hire

Crime: Wantonly and habitually frequenting Redditch Vehicle Hire workshops uninvited. Contrary to the Common Sense Act 1897



Convict Four

Name: Bill Cave, Speller Metcalfe

Crime: Accused of having a blow heater on, along with the air con on, whilst wearing a body warmer and having the window open



Convict Five

Name: Nick Baxter, Baxter Williams

Crime: Wearing far too much Lycra.



Convict Six

Name: John Bawden, St Richard’s Hospice

Crime: Misleading people on Zoom meetings by drinking from a coffee mug!!!




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