3rd May 2019

Meet our ‘convicts’ for Jail and Bail

We are looking forward to our first Jail and Bail fundraising challenge at Worcester’s Guildhall on Friday, 10th May.

Managers from across the county have been nominated by their long-suffering colleagues for various (entirely fictitious) workplace crimes and will soon be chained up as punishment.

On the day, each boss will be ‘taken into custody’ at 10am where their mug shot and finger prints will be taken. Then, they will ‘stand trial’ for their ‘crime’ before being handcuffed for the day.

Each manager will be tasked with raising their own bail money of at least £500. You can help set them free by coming down on the day and making a donation.

Find out who’s taking part – and which horrific misdemeanors they will be punished for below: 

Convict One

Name: Nick Hodgetts, Director of Croome Cuisine Ltd

Crime: Selling cheese and passing it off as gold

Help Nick raise his bail money with an online donation: http://bit.ly/2GXAtnO

Convict Two

Name: Steve Goode, Chairman of Worcester City FC

Crime: Getting over-animated on the sideline

Come down to the Guildhall to help Steve raise his bail money!

Convict Three

Name: Mark Dodwell, Director for Hereford and Worcester at Natwest 

Crime: Impersonating a celebrity – namely, Jason Statham

Help set Mark free by making a donation at the Guildhall on Friday or visit http://bit.ly/markjailandbail

Convict Four

Name: Peter Reeves, General Manager of Majestic Bingo, Worcester

Crime: Known by colleagues as ‘disappearing Pete’, he is always on the move and never in one place – making it almost impossible to track him down!

Help Peter raise enough money to make his bail at the Guildhall on Friday.

Convict Five

Name: Helen Harding, of Discover History

Crime: Impersonating women through history, from Hannah Snell to Mrs Beeton

Come down on the day, or make a donation to Helen’s bail money online: http://bit.ly/2GYy9Nv

Convict Six

Name: Dan Haigh, Finance Manager at St Richard’s Hospice

Crime: Making hospice pens ‘disappear’…

Dan says: “I have been stitched up, the trumped up charge is one of negligence not intent. Having worked for five years at St Richard’s and always having a pen in pocket, a search of my ‘messy draw’ at home resulted in me finding 16 St Richard’s Hospice ballpoints which I tried to return, only to be caught red-handed.”

Help Dan raise his bail money with a donation on the day.

Convict Seven

Name: Amber Yeomans, Manager of One Stop, Brickfields Road, Worcester

Crime: Not making enough hot drinks for the staff and not supplying biscuits

Help raise Amber’s bail money with a donation on the day.

Convict Eight

Name: Nick Farmer, of Asda, Worcester

Crime: Nick is too eager to work and just loves being there to crack the whip!

Come along and help free Nick from jail with a donation at the Guildhall

Convict Nine

Name: Councillor Jabba Riaz, Mayor of Worcester

Crime: Being far too busy!

Support Cllr Riaz raise his bail money on Friday with a donation at The Guildhall.