Counselling for patients

We offer a counselling service to patients, their families and friends. 

Our counsellors aim to provide support for those experiencing difficult emotions associated with having a serious progressive illness and to people caring for them. 

We provide a safe, confidential place to talk and your concerns will be heard in a non-judgemental, caring and respectful way. We offer the opportunity to engage in face-to-face and virtual support over the telephone or video call. We have also introduced walk and talk counselling sessions.

St Richard’s counsellors follow relevant governing body guidelines.  As part of our team we have volunteer counsellors and student counsellors working towards qualification.  We receive on-going training and supervision.

We receive referrals from GPs and St Richard’s Nurse Specialists who will be able to give you further information and advice. You can also self-refer.

There is no charge for receiving counselling at St Richard’s, if you would like to speak to a member of our team please ring Gateway on 01905 763963.

Citizens Advice Adviser Safia sits and chats to a person across a low coffee table. A large book is open on the table, next to a decorative vase. Safia is wearing a grey cardigan and purple top. The other person has their back to the camera. They are wearing a black top and have shoulder-length blonde hair.
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Members of the hospice's Men's Space group sit in a circle in a large room at the hospice watching musician Vo Fletcher sing and play the guitar.