23rd April 2015

Patients enjoy spring sun in gardens

Patients at St Richard’s Hospice have been enjoying the feel of spring sunshine on their faces in the serene surroundings of the hospice gardens.

As the days warm and the gardens burst into life, patients being cared for at the hospice’s In-patient Unit are making the most of the private patio areas outside their rooms.

The lovely gardens and grounds at St Richard’s Hospice have been designed to offer so much more than just a pleasant view. In-patient bedrooms have been designed so that patients can view the gardens and pond from their beds or the beds can be wheeled out onto the private patios, with sun shades available when needed.

The extensive grounds also offer space for family members, staff and volunteers to take time out to reflect, relax and find comfort.

June Patel, Care Director at St Richard’s Hospice, said; “The beautiful gardens are an integral part of our caring philosophy. The peace and tranquillity of the natural environment complements the emotional and spiritual support we offer our patients and their loved ones. At times when one might feel overwhelmed by emotions, the hospice’s grounds offer space to take a few minutes away from a stressful situation and to find comfort in the patterns and seasons of nature.”

Close to the hospice building is a wildlife pond where ducks are frequent visitors. Each year, several families of ducklings are cared for by dedicated parents within the hospice gardens. This year, 24 ducklings have been hatched and patients, visitors and hospice supporters alike are eagerly following their progress.

The wonderful planting and maintenance of the gardens is thanks to a dedicated team of volunteers. The team of around ten volunteers each have different zones of the garden to tend, keeping neat and tidy, watered and weeded.