24th October 2020

Remembering mum

This beautiful and moving short film, was created by Josh Graesser, 16, in memory of his mum Sue, who was cared for by St Richard’s.  #IRemember

Our heartfelt thanks to Josh for sharing his memories and helping to normalise the conversation around death, dying and grief.

Over to Josh in his own words:
“I came home one night from school and began playing a game with my friends online, when for whatever reason I had an idea. What if I could draw some cute and likeable characters that would create a connection with people’s hearts and put it to music. Then I wondered what theme I should do it on as it should be important to me, and I remembered it was coming up to two years since my mother passed in the care of St Richard’s Hospice.

“ So I decided to draw her story, making it her unique story but without too many details as it would therefore be more relatable to others. I knew that instead of using any words, or as few as possible, it would be good if I could use pictures to paint the words in the viewer’s head as they watch.

“I originally intended to post the video on YouTube as a means of raising awareness amongst my year group at school so anyone else like me could struggle less with expressing how they feel to others, as I felt the subject was more taboo at school. I decided it would be really good for others to see and I have been trying to share the video with everyone to create a wider community of awareness. “

(Josh improvised the background music in the film)