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Remember your loved one, and celebrate what made them so special.

An online Forget-Me-Not Tribute Fund gives you the chance to share those precious memories with others and raise money at the same time. The fund is easy to set up and you can invite those who share your memories to pay their own tributes while helping to raise money from wherever they are in the world.

There’s plenty of space to share stories, photos, videos and even the music they loved. It’s a chance to celebrate and remember a loved one, whilst helping St Richard’s continue its free, specialist care of thousands of patients and their families in Worcestershire each year.

Search for a tribute

It’s also a way to celebrate important dates and keep all your fundraising progress in one place. You can use your tribute fund to let family and friends know you’re holding a fundraising event in your loved one’s honour and invite them to make a special donation in their memory.

Find an existing tribute fund and leave a message of condolence, or make a donation to our work, and join us in celebrating the life of those special people who are no longer here, but are never forgotten.

Funeral donations 1
A wooden donation box sits on a wooden table in the hospice gardens. A message on the box reads thank you for your donation.
The Donor Tree wall sculpture, made from bronze, silver and gold leaves.