29th May 2018

Supporting patients at clinics

Here at St Richard’s Hospice, we believe having a life-limiting illness should not mean a person cannot live life to the fullest, as independently as possible, for as long as they can.

However, we also understand the challenges our patients and their loved ones may face as a result of their illness.

At St Richard’s, we work to help people make the best of their lives, despite the effects of their condition.

Part of this sees us working with the NHS in Worcestershire to offer patients with advanced conditions the opportunity to come along to specialist, palliative out-patient clinics at our hospice in Wildwood Drive, Worcester.

Currently we have 101 patients attending our out-patient clinics, where they receive care and support from specialists.

At our clinics we support patients with a range of conditions including Parkinson’s, PSP, heart failure, renal failure and respiratory diseases.

Our clinics are focussed on helping improve quality of life for patients by managing their illness and planning for their future with their families.

Both patients and carers are welcome to the clinics, where they can receive holistic care – including physical, emotional and spiritual support.

The out-patient clinics are beneficial because they provide a space for patients and their carers to voice concerns, seek help and share stories – supporting them to manage their condition as best as possible.

The clinics form just one aspect of our Day Services – which includes Day Hospice and our Living Well courses.

To find out more please contact St Richard’s on 01905 763963

Claire Gijselhart
Day Services Manager, St Richard’s Hospice