A group of people walk through parkland of Croome Court at twilight. They are holding glowing lanterns and smiling.
The front entrance walkway to St Richard's Hospice.
A smiley face drawn in the sky using a plan's vapour trails. The sky is bright blue and trees line the bottom half of the image, taken in the hospice's gardens.
Two people stand at the back of a van holding a Christmas tree ready to load it into the vehicle. They are both wearing blue high-vis jackets and warm clothes.
Two people wearing blue high-vis jackets and warm clothes load large Christmas trees into a van.
A group of three people stand together at the hospice holding intricately iced Christmas cakes. Two people are wearing blue nurses' uniforms, and the third person, standing the centre, is wearing a red jumper and black trousers. From left to right, the cakes are decorated with a pug in a tea cup, a brussels sprout with a pink pig popping out from the top, and a church.
A person wearing a multi-coloured dress stands in front of a microphone playing an acoustic guitar.
Les Janes and Art Shrimpton of Worcester Male Voice Choir stand with Kelly Johns of St Richard's Hospice in the gardens at the hospice. Les and Art wear the choir's uniform of black trousers and shirts, and grey blazers with a red tie.
Marina Dixon, wearing a navy blazer and bright blue shirt, is presented with a bunch of pink, yellow, and green flowers by Julie Reece, who wears black. Both Marina and Julie wear face masks.