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10 things you might not know about St Richard’s Hospice

Many people who visit St Richard’s or hear a talk about our services are surprised at the wide range of support we offer patients and their loved ones. Here are a few facts and figures about our hospice, some of which might just surprise you! 1. All of our services are completely free to patients and… Read more »

Whose death is it anyway?

David Knight, Chaplain

A thought for Dying Matters week (May 17th – 23rd) There are many people with very strong views on what makes for a good death. Much of it boils down to being a description of what they themselves would hope for. Perhaps a good death involves being surrounded by friends and family, or, alternatively, to… Read more »

Poetry & Prose

The chaplaincy team has gathered a wide variety of poetry and prose appropriate for lots of different situations.  Farewell My Friends It was beautiful as long as it lasted The journey of my life. I have no regrets Whatsoever save the pain I’ll leave behind. Those dear hearts who love and care… And the strings… Read more »

Multi-Faith Advice

The hospice, like all parts of the healthcare community, is committed to care that is sensitive to different beliefs. The chaplaincy respects the needs of people of all faiths and none and we provide spiritual care appropriate to the individual. The chaplaincy also maintains a rota of specialist ministers (including Bahai, Buddhism, various Christian denominations,… Read more »

Spiritual Care – frequently asked questions

The hospice must be a miserable place to work? There is more laughter here than anywhere else I have ever worked. One saying I like is, ‘We may not be able to add days on to a life, but we can put life into those days.’ People seem to be frightened of hospices. There is… Read more »

Spiritual Care & Chaplaincy

All definitions of hospice and palliative care talk of four key ingredients. St Richard’s offers high quality care in all four areas – physical, emotional, spiritual and social – with the Chaplaincy Team leading on the provision of Spiritual Care. The team – being multi denominational itself – readily supports people of all faiths and… Read more »