3rd March 2017

Volunteering is about getting out and doing something”

Volunteers in our St Swithin’s Street charity shop and cafe in Worcester share their thoughts on what motivates them to volunteer.

Lynne Morgan-Green,  70

Why do I volunteer?

I used to work at my family business and I was very active until I retired. But after I retired I just needed to keep working, I couldn’t just sit around doing nothing. St Richard’s is great because it’s different every day, there’s always something new and it keeps you interested. There’s a nice mix of volunteers in different age groups, it’s a very good mix, a healthy mix. It’s a great opportunity to learn new things and it’s really good for people looking to get jobs. It’s a way for them to get work experience because we see in them what other people don’t see.

What do I get out of volunteering?

For me it’s getting out and doing something, meeting people every day. It’s important to meet people, especially at my age, and you do feel that you are giving in an area that’s very important. Being able to help is also something I and the others get out of it, for the people here I think it’s 50/50 of doing it for themselves and doing it to help.

For people my age volunteering and getting out of your home is great because it keeps you young, just doing something with your time instead of just sitting around at home. Most of us here are pretty young for our age because we do keep active.

booksBook department volunteer Patricia Bridges

Why do I volunteer?

Because my husband had cancer, he wasn’t a patient in the hospice but the  home team came to him every day and they were so nice and kind to both of us, and after he died I felt like I had to give something back for all they did for us, and of course I’ve always loved books.

What do I get out of volunteering?

I meet some very lovely people, the customers, the staff and volunteers are all really lovely, and of course I love books so being here is great. I think if anyone has got a few hours a week to spare, or a day and want to be involved in something worthwhile then volunteering for St Richard’s is a great way to do it. I’ve been here for eight years now and I just enjoy it, every minute of it.

Volunteers Marion Woodhouse and Margaret Fluellen who work on the tills ( pictured above)

Why do I volunteer, and what do I get out of it?

Marion: My husband passed away in the hospice and volunteering here is a way for me to give something back, and it’s nice to always meet new people.

Margaret: I’m here for similar reasons, and it’s a good way of giving something back and making new friends and meeting lots of people.