‘Making Life Easy Through IT’ Volunteers

St. Richard’s Hospice is looking for people to make a difference to the everyday lives, of others.

As part of Build 2020 and the expansion of Day Services, St. Richard’s Hospice is looking at different ways in which patients can access services and be supported.

Once a month we will be hosting a social group called ‘Making Life Easy through IT’, and are now looking for new volunteers to assist.

‘Making Life Easy through IT’ is a social group where St. Richard’s service users can attend and learn how to do everyday tasks using IT, such as online banking, online shopping, creating letters using Microsoft Word and more.

‘Making Life Easy through IT’ will be starting on Thursday 7th March 2019 and will be held monthly on a Thursday afternoon, between 3:30pm and 5:00pm.

This role will be enjoyable and rewarding, but may sometimes be challenging.

Good communication skills, including listening skills and the ability to be sensitive to the varied needs of others, are essential for this role.

For further information about this role, please contact Mary Jenkins, Creative Therapist or Kirstie Smith, Staff and Volunteer Recruitment Co-ordinator on 01905 763963 or email

Making Life Easy Through IT