St. Richard’s Hospice Health and Beauty Volunteers

St. Richard’s Hospice is looking for people to make a difference to the lives of others every day.

Patients that attend St. Richard’s, either by attending for the day at the Living Well Centre or being a patient on the In-Patient Unit, have access to many different therapies including Physio, Occupational and Complementary Therapies. We also offer health and beauty treatments including hand care and manicures and have a hairdressing salon that patients have access to.

We are currently seeking new volunteers to join the existing ‘Health and Beauty’ team to provide hand care and manicures.

This role is enjoyable and rewarding but can sometimes be challenging.

Good communication skills including listening skills and the ability to be sensitive to the varied needs of others are essential for this role.

Volunteers that are happy to carry out hand care will receive training.

For further information about this role, please contact Claire Gijselhart, Head of Living Well Services or Kirstie Smith, Staff and Volunteer Recruitment Co-ordinator on 01905 763963 or email

Health and Beauty Volunteer

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