26th January 2012

Young carers group helped me to cope

Dawn, aged 43.
The Young Carers Group helped me to cope during the most difficult time of my life.  My husband was terminally ill with a brain tumour and was very close to the end of his life.  My daughters Camille, aged 5, and Imogen, aged 2, were distraught watching their Daddy’s daily struggle to stay with them.  Every month I came to the Young Carers Group with my daughter Camille where she met other children in a similar position and I had the chance to meet other parents facing similar issues to me.  We became a close and supportive group very quickly and for a few hours it gave me some respite.  I will always be grateful to everyone I met at the group for their honesty, care and support.  I know that we could not have mended our broken hearts without the care of St. Richard’s Hospice.