Man cuts red ribbon across door opening to mark the opening of the new shop
Shop manager Esther stands outside the new Barnards Green shop. Through the windows, you can see the shop fitting is underway. Esther stands smiling outside with her arms outstretched towards the sign, which reads St Richard's Hospice.
A group of three people stand together at the hospice holding intricately iced Christmas cakes. Two people are wearing blue nurses' uniforms, and the third person, standing the centre, is wearing a red jumper and black trousers. From left to right, the cakes are decorated with a pug in a tea cup, a brussels sprout with a pink pig popping out from the top, and a church.
The Bader family stand together in front of the St Richard's Hospice Lights of Love Christmas tree, which is lit with lots of silvery white fairy lights. It is dark outside, and the family are illuminated in purply pink light.
Two people in glamorous evening dresses at the St Richard's Hospice Snowdrop Ball.
Two volunteers, Dinah and Sara, stand together holding donated items for sale in the Barnards Green shop. Behind them is a shelf of games and jigsaws. They are both smiling.
Runners take part in a previous Halloween themed run for St Richard's. Participants are dressed in Halloween outfits and are running through a cloud of orange smoke.
A collage of six images showing members of hospice clinical staff.
Jamie Yeomans, IPU Manager, and Paul Morris, Speller Metcalfe Site Manager stand together in a doorway which has been widened and is in the process of being constructed. They are both wearing high-vis jackets and hard hats.
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