Two people wearing St Richard's Hospice branded t-shirts take part in the Worcestershire Pride parade through Worcester's High Street.
Hannah and Natalie cycle along a country road wearing pink and black riding gear and helmets. They are both smiling.
A group of people stand together in the sunshine.
A collage of three images, side-by-side. Each image is of a hospice staff member smiling and holding a sign saying thank you to the hospice's volunteers.
Two people taking part in the Malvern Hills Walk
A yellow graphic promoting Dying Matters Week. The photo shows a person wearing an orange jumper sitting at a desk, smiling and looking off-camera. The text reads If Dying Matters, then it matters at work too.
A group of nurses in blue uniforms stand together in the gardens of St Richard's Hospice on a bright, sunny day. They each hold an A4 sheet of paper with a letter on each spelling out the words thank you.
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