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Exercise: Adapted Standing Tai Chi

Managing Your Shortness of Breath

Further Relaxation Techniques

Video: Talking about Growing Older & End of Life

Exercise: Adapted Seated Tai Chi

Relaxation Techniques: Breathing

Activity: Spiritual Treasure Hunt


Webinar: Sugar Highs and Sugar Lows

Webinar: The Grief Checklist

Webinar: Tips for a good night’s sleep

(Captions available on YouTube)

Webinar: Self Care Through Christmas

(Captions available on YouTube)

Webinar: Relaxation and Empowerment

Webinar: Advocacy & Support Networking

Webinar: Journaling

(Captions available on YouTube)

Webinar: Nature therapy

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We have a number of resources including reliable information that is easy to understand.  You can read and download our booklets below:

If you would like these materials available in different formats, please get in touch with the Communications Team on 01905 763963.

SpeakEasy NOW, a self-advocacy charity run by people with learning disabilities provides this leaflet with useful information and links  about growing older and planning for end of life care.

More publications can be viewed here

Themed activity and resource pages

A variety of themed activities and resources are available to view on our website. Each page contains an array of information and interactive activities for patients and carers. The themed pages include art activities, quizzes, book recommendations, exercises, wellbeing tips, and much more.

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