Support services for families and carers

The Family Support Team support patients and their loved ones. The team offers a choice between face-to-face or remote support over the telephone and via video calls.

You can contact the Family Support Team on 01905 763963.

Jen smiles holding her memory box. The box is decorated with lettering which reads Memories of Dad.
Remember a loved one
A group of children and adults attending a bereavement support group at the hospice play a game involving a large parachute in the gardens at St Richard's Hospice. They are all holding the edge of the multicoloured parachute and standing in a circle.
Citizens Advice Adviser Safia sits and chats to a person across a low coffee table. A large book is open on the table, next to a decorative vase. Safia is wearing a grey cardigan and purple top. The other person has their back to the camera. They are wearing a black top and have shoulder-length blonde hair.
Members of the hospice's Men's Space group sit in a circle in a large room at the hospice watching musician Vo Fletcher sing and play the guitar.
spiritual care
Beth and Nikki stand together by a green tree with lots of white flowers. Beth is wearing an orange dress and Nikki is wearing a bright blue top.
Carers Rights Day 2020