Living Well Centre

Living Well Team services

The Living Well Services Team provides holistic care to patients with serious progressive illnesses, including people with cancer or neurological, renal, cardiac and respiratory conditions.

Different levels of support are provided through its Therapeutic Programme, courses, and creative workshops. There is also a weekly Wellbeing Cafe on Wednesdays.

The team’s focus is on rehabilitative palliative care, which sees them support and empower patients to live as well as possible with their condition. Families and carers are also supported.

Support you receive can be tailored to your priorities and wishes.

How to get involved

If you are not already supported by St Richard’s Hospice

To access any of the support listed here, ask your healthcare professional to refer you to the Living Well Centre by calling the Gateway Team on 01905 763963.

If you are a current St Richard’s Hospice patient 

Current patients can ring the Living Well Centre directly to ask about any of the services listed here. Call Karen Smith on 01905 958180, or Judy Weaver on 01905 958175 and discuss which activity you would like to attend.


Two hands hold another person's hand, demonstrating the M Technique.
Two hands hold another person's hand, demonstrating the M Technique.
The front entrance to St Richard's Hospice.
Two people, a patient and a Living Well volunteer, stand together by a table full of sunflowers in pots.
image of pen, paper and ink