The In-patient Unit

The In-patient Unit (IPU) provides 24-hour care tailored to each person’s needs. Patients and their families are cared for by a team of health professionals, led by the Medical Director and IPU Manager.

The Unit is made up of 13 single rooms with two 2-bed rooms. Rooms have en-suite facilities and a private patio area with views to the lake and gardens.

The rooms are designed to be as comfortable and homely as possible. There are televisions available. And, you can access a Facebook Portal should you wish to ‘virtually’ stay in touch with loved ones.

What support is available?

The IPU provides specialist palliative care that seeks to promote and maintain the best possible quality of life for you, taking into account the needs and wishes of you and your family.

We try to respond to all of the needs that a patient or family may have – whether that is for pain and symptom control, physical problems or issues of a spiritual, emotional, social or psychological nature.

Reasons for referral to the In-patient Unit

The clinicians recently involved in your care, after discussion with you and your family, have decided that you would benefit from a stay on the IPU.

Patients are admitted for one or more of the following reasons:

  • to help deal with symptoms that cannot readily be sorted out at home. These may include achieving adequate pain relief as well as other medical issues.
  • to care for patients at the end of life, if that is their choice, and if it is not possible for them to be adequately supported and cared for in other places.
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