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When, where and how you can donate to shops

If you’ve been having a clear-out during lockdown, you can take your good-quality, resaleable items to collection points at the designated stores below on…

Coronavirus (Covid-19): update

COVID-19: Update St Richard’s Hospice cares for people with serious progressive illnesses so it is important that we take all reasonable steps to protect…

St Richard's brings back box office best sellers this August

A Worcestershire charity is offering its supporters the chance to enjoy two box office best sellers in a luxury cinema setting this August. Special…

St Richard's cares for adults with a serious progressive illness, improving their quality of life from diagnosis, during treatment and to their last days. We also support their loved ones.
St Richard's Hospice

We are so lucky to have such lovely, peaceful gardens here at St Richard's Hospice 🌺🌼🌳

The gardens are beautiful all year round, but look especially spectacular in the sunshine ☀️

We'd like to say thank you to our fantastic volunteer gardeners and everyone else who keeps our green spaces looking so wonderful all year round! You all do an amazing job 💙

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