28th October 2022

9:30 am

‘M’ Technique® Workshop

9:30am – 4pm

The ‘M’ Technique is a nursing intervention and a way of delivering therapeutic relaxation and an over-all feeling of calm to patients, carers, family members and colleagues. It is not massage or aromatherapy and does not replace or replicate the above complementary therapies. Instead it is a standalone skill, practising touch in a specific way upon a patients’ hands and feet.

You will spend the day receiving instruction from and practising on each other, ready to apply the technique to patients.

The ‘M’ Technique is a structured touch delivered through a specific sequence of movements over a set number of times, in a set pattern, at a set pressure and set speed that never change. This makes it extremely easy to learn.

The ‘M’ Technique works on skin receptors that send signals to the brain. The technique has been described as physical hypnotherapy, ‘a kind of meditation’ and a ‘spiritual dance’. The ‘M’ Technique is suitable for the very fragile, critically ill or actively dying patient, or when someone is just very stressed.

Anyone can learn the ‘M’ Technique – it is suitable for caregivers, family members, volunteers, and friends as well as nurses, therapists and other health professionals. It is not necessary to have previous training in massage.

Course Facilitator: Kathy O’Connell

The course cost includes lunch and refreshments.

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This event is taking place at St Richard’s Hospice, Wildwood Drive, Worcester, WR5 2QT.

For further details, please contact Karl Gardner

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28th October 2022