Carers’ support

When someone becomes ill, with a serious progressive illness, you will find yourself providing support and practical care. You may be the husband, the wife, the daughter or friend and you probably will not call yourself a carer but will become the most important person to the patient and to their care.

It is easy to get lost in all the demands that are made on you. We recognise that you, as the carer, are very important. Without you who would there be to look after the person you love and that will often be for 24/7?

It is not unusual for carers to feel lonely, frustrated and even angry that this has happened to them. Sharing these thoughts and feelings with others in a similar situation can be very helpful.

Changes in your circumstances may cause all sorts of practical issues that you have not faced before. Other carers who have been there can be a valuable resource. St Richard’s can provide expert advice. We have a Citizen’s Adviser social workers, counsellors, clinical nurse specialists and other professionals who can help and who are invited to the Carers Group.

Carers can share worries, and discuss whether they need support from other departments – such as occupational therapy, or Hospice at Home. Often the team can identify potential problems early on, and help to solve them.

If you would like further information or would like to be invited to the group please contact the Gateway Team on 01905 763963.

The St Richard's Hospice social work and child and family support practitioner team.
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