26th March 2024

St Richard’s gave my dad unconditional love and care

Two children with parents standing in front of an arch with the sign Euro Disneyland in 1994

Tanya’s story

Over the decades St Richard’s has cared for many thousands of people, and that care is always remembered.

Ten years on, Tanya still vividly remembers how the hospice team cared for her dad Ivor, 56, from Worcester and supported their family.

“The care, smiles, warmth and happiness that the staff gave made the experience of being in St Richard’s more settling.  Not only did we feel this but I could see my dad felt this too.

“The staff were always on hand, attentive, not only took time to spend with my dad but us as a family. I knew my dad was in good hands and the staff showed this by their unconditional love and care for their patients and families.

“My dad had a beautiful room looking out to the garden where regular pheasants and ducks would visit by the doors.

“Though my dad was cared for only a couple of days before he passed, the care he received will forever be remembered and we are so grateful for him being in such a peaceful and caring place.

“We were treated like family and even after my dad’s passing, the door was always open.

“If it wasn’t for my dad going into St Richard’s, I honestly don’t think me and my family would feel the way we do now.

“This charity is truly one that has touched my life with not only my dad but others too and the support you can give would be appreciated forever.

“Thank you to St Richard’s and I know if my dad could say it, he would also be thanking them too ❤️”

Reflections from Tanya, her sister Carla and mum Carmel.

Photo: 1994 – “one of many great memories with us all together”