Retail Gift Aid declaration

We encourage all donors who are UK tax payers to Gift Aid the items they give to our shops. 

This means, with the donor’s permission, we can use the proceeds from the sale of the donated goods and treat them as Gift Aid donations to St Richard’s Hospice. Currently, for every £1 qualifying donation received we can claim repayment from HMRC of 25 pence.

If you are a 40% taxpayer, at the end of the financial tax year you can claim the difference between the 25% and 40% either for yourself or donate to charity.

There are two Gift Aid schemes; Retail Gift Aid (for donated goods to the Hospice) and Donation Gift Aid (for multiple donations of money to the Hospice). You will be asked about both types of Gift Aid below.

Sign up for Retail Gift Aid by completing the form below:

Thank you for your continued support from us all here at St Richard’s Hospice.

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