Quality Donation Campaign

Please be aware: due to the coronavirus, the way we accept donations has changed. Please visit our shops page for the latest guidance before making your donation. Thank you.

Make your donation count for hospice care

We rely on the generosity of our community donating much-needed items to sell in our 19 shops across Worcestershire.

Without this important support, we couldn’t have raised the £731,547 net towards the overall running costs of St Richard’s Hospice in 2019/20.

We are always in need of good quality donations and are so grateful for the goods we receive.

But, we are facing a significant, and growing problem affecting the whole charity shop sector – disposing of unsaleable donations.

In 2019/20 more than a million donated items were in too poor condition to be sold in our shops. This equates to more than twice the number of quality items sold.

Disposal of dirty, torn, incomplete and broken items comes with a hefty price tag.

In 2019/20 it cost us at least £22,950 to dispose of items we could not sell, or recycle. We think you’ll agree, this problem is rubbish.

We recycle as many unwanted items as possible to minimise the amount going to landfill. But – for those items we cannot recycle or sell to rag merchants, we must foot the bill.

You can help make a difference by only donating quality items to our shops. Ask yourself, would you expect a friend to buy this?

Take a look at our guide to donation dos and don’ts below, and make your donation count for hospice care. Thank you.

Listen to our Commercial Director, Dan Corns, explain why it’s so important to ensure you donate good quality items for our shops to resell.

You can also watch Dan give a guided tour of our donations processing warehouse in Leigh Sinton, filmed in summer 2019.