12th July 2020

Build 2020 appeal hits target!

St Richard’s Hospice is saying a huge thank you to kind-hearted supporters who have helped them reach the Build 2020 appeal target!

They have resumed the Stage 2 building programme with appropriate COVID-19 secure measures in place and are seeing great progress.

St Richard’s Hospice Fundraising Director, Tricia Cavell said, “Although the pandemic has caused us to lose out on this year’s income from cancelled fundraising events and the temporary closure of our shops, we were very fortunate that the money needed to complete the build project was secured before the impact of COVID-19.”

“We want to say a massive thank you to all those individuals, businesses and trust and grant bodies who have made this possible.”

Construction work will continue and St Richard’s plans to open the new extension to patients, families and the community next year, when it is safe to do so.

Mrs Cavell added, “The challenge now is to continue to raise funds to run all our much-needed services, and we’re hopeful that with the ongoing support of our community we will do just that.”

The Green, pictured, is being built in the central courtyard at the heart of the hospice and will be a delightful place to meet others, connect, relax, support, sit and eat for patients, families and carers as well as visitors to enjoy. The Green will be surrounded by Living Well therapy rooms including an exercise studio, art studio, horticultural therapy room as well as an occupational therapy training kitchen and music and film therapy room.

The bigger, multi purposes spaces will mean St Richard’s can support more patients and their families and offer a wider choice of activities to help people manage their illness, such as sessions to cope with breathlessness and fatigue; exercise-based groups and therapies which can increase confidence and independence; bring relief from symptoms; reduce stress, anxiety and depression as well as improve sleep.

St Richard’s opened the first stage of the Build 2020 redevelopment and extension in January this year and have already been able to make a big difference to patients and carers.

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