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Carers Rights Day 2020

When someone becomes unwell, often their loved one finds themselves providing support and practical care. Today, on Carers Rights Day, we’re highlighting how we can support those looking after a loved one with a serious, progressive illness. It’s easy for carers to get lost in all the demands made on them. And, it’s not unusual… Read more »

Reflections on the grieving process

Read a moving piece written by Justin Bowen to mark the one-year anniversary of his wife Helga’s death. In the piece, Justin reflects on his grieving process and documents his experience in the hope it will bring comfort, or be of use, to others in a similar situation. Helga was supported by Sue Sharp, the… Read more »

Finding your own inner peace

candles flickering

This summer is like no other. We are restricted in our movements and some elements of lockdown will most probably still be with us for some time. Summer holidays are likely to be different with more staycations in the UK or even at home, and less milling around in crowded airports. The experience is dependent… Read more »

“Proud to see teams innovating to care”

If we were to rewind 2020 by a couple of months, I wouldn’t be able to imagine the future as it is now – changed beyond recognition by Covid-19. Life has altered for all of us – and we are reminded daily of the heart-breaking human cost of coronavirus. At what is already an unimaginably… Read more »

Christmas time at St Richard’s Hospice

Read our monthly column for the Worcester News, on the theme of Christmas at St Richard’s Hospice: Christmas is just around the corner and we are looking forward to celebrating the festive season at St Richard’s Hospice. Decorations are going up, bringing plenty of Christmas cheer and sparkle to the building – including magnificent Christmas… Read more »

Gorgeous gardens

The hospice gardens are looking stunning in the sunshine! We’re so lucky to have such tranquil and beautiful space to enjoy.

Patient documents treatment experience in blog

A hospice patient living with throat cancer is sharing his treatment experience online – in the hope of helping others in a similar situation. Stewart Foster, who is 59, was diagnosed with cancer in July 2018 and began chemotherapy in October. He was referred to St Richard’s Hospice and is receiving care from its Community… Read more »

Reaching a place of acceptance

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A lovely piece of writing, written by a friend for a bereaved person. Saudade A Portuguese word for which there is no English equivalent. It means feeling sadness at missing someone who has meant a lot to you at the same time as feeling the happiness from having known them. I recently heard about the… Read more »