18th April 2016

David sets off on premiership club challenge

Worcester hospice supporter and football fan, David Pearson, has set off on a fundraising challenge with a difference, aiming to visit all 20 Premiership League Football Clubs in just five days.

On Monday 18th April, David Pearson set off from St Richard’s Hospice and will visit every football club home stadium, collecting autographed club shirts or other merchandise from each club which will be auctioned to raise funds for the local hospice.

Hospice supporters will be able to follow his progress on an online blog, updated each day with his progress and photos at each club. To read more about David’s story and to donate to his fund, visit www.justgiving.com/David-Pearson31/

David’s story:

“Alzheimers. What a devastating and awful condition. People will know how it can affect lives, as I lost my beloved wife Judy to early-onset Alzheimers after a 3-year battle, at a young age, in January 2014.  She was brave to the end, despite the devastating effect of losing her speech, and ability to read and write, and her cognitive skills. Her memory wasn’t affected so much, she knew people, and me, and for that I was so grateful.

But I couldn’t protect her from it, or make it go away. She was always anxious her life would be meaningless, so maybe I can fulfil her desire, to make a difference and help others in their need for help and kindness.

I have somehow found the freedom from having to work, so am now able to do voluntary work for the Alzheimers Society, and for the Worcestershire Association of Carers.  Both were so supportive of us when we needed them. Judy was able to go to the Day Hospice at St Richard’s for four months, and loved her time there, and the friends she made there.  Until you need help from these places, it is hard to understand just how invaluable they are.

And so I’m looking to start other ways of supporting them, and fund-raising is one way I can help, and you can help too.”

David was waved off on his journey by hospice Fundraising Director, Tricia Cavell, and his girlfriend Lyn McCoy.

Lyn McCoy, Tricia   Cavell and David Pearson