Where your money goes

We rely on the generosity of our supporters to help fund around 80 per cent of our income each year, with the remainder from the NHS.

It is only thanks to the incredible people who raise funds, donate, take on challenges, and more, that we can continue to fund our care in Worcestershire.

With the support of people like you, we can be there for patients with serious, progressive illnesses, their loved ones and bereaved people when they need us most.

Take a look at our example price points to see the difference your donation could make to those we support.

  • It costs £19,703 to fund all our hospice services for one day*
  • £12.03** could pay for an experienced Hospice at Home Healthcare Assistant for an hour, giving safe, tailored support to help patients stay at home 
  • £23.20** could pay for a patient to have a virtual session with our physiotherapist 
  • £107** could pay for a Counsellor for a day, giving one-to-one emotional support to families and patients 
  • £197.33** coud pay for a Nurse Specialist for a day, safely caring for patients in the community via video and telephone call, or face-to-face where essential
  • £486 could pay for a patient to receive specialist, compassionate care on our homely In-patient Unit for a day
  • £2,540** could pay for a Living Well nurse for a month, providing a range of support to patients via video and telephone call.

*Figures relate to the 2019/20 audited accounts and excludes the Trading Company

**Salary costs refer to the full cost of employing a member of staff in 2020/21 

How your donations make a difference

Funds raised will help people like Nicole, who has received care and support from us for the last three years – including through the pandemic.

Nicole, 80, said: “St Richard’s has kept me going, encouraging me, supporting me. The team have all my admiration and gratitude.

“I get calls once or twice a week to see how I’m doing and offers of help to improve my mobility and wellbeing.

“I’ve never felt on my own. With St Richard’s there’s always someone to support me or my partner. There are really no words to express how much help they are and how much we appreciate their care and support.”

How you can help

There are many, varied ways you can help to fund our hospice care. With your help we can continue to provide specialist support to patients and their loved ones free of charge.

  • Make a one-off donation, or regular gift
  • Take part in a fundraising event or challenge
  • Put aside items to donate to our shops once we can accept donations again
  • Make a donation in memory
  • Leave a gift in your Will
  • Get together with friends, colleagues or family to hold your own socially-distanced fundraising event or raise money
  • Register your donations with our Gift Aid schemes. Our shops operate under St Richard’s Hospice Trading Company and have a different Gift Aid scheme to St Richard’s Hospice Foundation. 
  • By tickets in the Worcestershire Hospices Lottery

If you would like more information, or support with fundraising, contact our Fundraising Team on or call 01905 958262.

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